Metal Sheet Double TOWER, CZ.

  • The customer is involved in custom sheet metal processing in the engineering, electrical, food, agriculture, advertising and other industries, needed to solve the problem of quick availability and traceability of all types of stored sheet metal. A production hall was used as a warehouse where individual bales of sheet metal were stored on the floor stacked on top of each other or in static racks against the hall wall.


As this type of storage limited production - the operator of the production machine had to search for and manipulate the required bundle of sheets for a long time (the need to rearrange the stack), the space for forklift handling was insufficient - the customer decided to create a new storage space with a fully automated vertical storage system MS Double Tower from the Heavy Tower vertical systems portfolio. This system was installed as an external installation outside the production hall with the handling units (containers) passing inside the production hall. An external transfer point was created for the receipt of material. The customer thus gained handling space in the production hall and reduced the turnover of forklift trucks in the production hall, as material receiving takes place outside. Material traceability was solved by using a Warehouse Management System (WMS).


The customer uses this MS Double Tower Warehouse System for storing various sheets in a maximum format of 3x1.5 m before further processing in production. The two transfer points are equipped with a "lift for material" for the handling of whole bundles of sheet metal using a forklift. A hall overhead crane can be used for the removal of individual pieces in the production hall.


Efficient use of the height of the equipment is guaranteed by a careful specification of the customer's requirements, based on which 3 different usable container heights (90, 150 and 200 mm) with a capacity of 3000 kg per container were designed.


MS Double Tower System with the two transfer points is controlled by its own computer with WMS (Warehouse Management System) and the operator can see in an intuitive interface among other things as the specific location of the material in the warehouse, the stored quantity/weight, etc. After ordering the desired material in the system, the container with the material is automatically delivered to the desired transfer point. The device allows remote management and therefore it is possible to access from the supplier and perform remote support to the customer. With this solution that fit we have created 500 m² of efficiently usable space for the automated storage of items with a total storage capacity of 303 tonnes on approximately 58 m² of floor space.

Marek Dula

Key Account Manager, K-Towers

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