Long Span Double TOWER, Czech Republic.

  • The customer is producing high-precision components for a variety of industrial applications, with a major involvement in civil aviation


  • The customer needed to solve the location of a new production machine. As the production hall did not have sufficient space and decided to replace the static cantilever racks in the neighbouring storage hall with a new fully automated LS Double Tower vertical storage system from the Heavy Tower vertical systems portfolio. The customer thus gained space for a new production machine while maintaining storage capacity.


This LS Double Tower long material storage system is used by the customer to store bars, tubes and various profiles (from different steels, stainless steel and aluminium alloys) for storage before further processing in production.


The storage facility is located at the wall of the storage hall under an overhead crane, which is used for material handling to/from the facility's material handling unit - the container. The efficient use of the height of the equipment is guaranteed by a careful specification of the customer's requirements, based on which 3 different usable heights of containers (200, 300 and 400 mm) and different load capacities of individual containers (1 500 kg and 3 000 kg) were designed.


Double Tower System with one transfer point is managed by its own computer with WMS (Warehouse Management System) and the operator can see in an intuitive interface, among other things, the specific location of the material in the warehouse, the stored quantity/weight in the warehouse, etc. After ordering the desired material in the system, the container with the material is automatically brought to the transfer point. The device allows remote management and therefore it is possible to access from the supplier and perform remote support to the customer.


With this advanced technology we have created 172 efficiently usable areas for automated storage of items with a total storage capacity of 66 tonnes in less than 50 of floor space.

Marek Dula

Key Account Manager, K-Towers

+420 724 469 860