Metal Sheet Mono TOWER, CZ.

The customer is engaged in the development, production and supply of steel door and gate closers and their accessories. For two laser workstations the company needed to solve the fast availability and traceability of stored sheet metal. A static rack against the wall of the production hall was used as a warehouse where individual bales of sheet metal were stored on stacked pallets.


As this method of storage limited production - the operator of the production machine had to search for and manipulate the required bundle of sheets for a long time (the necessity to rearrange the stack) - the customer decided to create new storage space with the automated vertical storage system MS Mono Tower from the Heavy Tower vertical systems portfolio. This system was installed between the two laser workstations within reach of the column cranes that are at each workstation. The MS Mono Tower system has made the work easier for the operators at both laser workstations, who no longer need to use a forklift to do their work - the MS Mono Tower system will prepare the required sheet metal at the transfer point and the operator will use suction cups to move the sheet metal to the laser table using a column crane, where they will then start the firing process. Material traceability was solved by using simple item management in the integrated control software.


This MS Mono Tower sheet storage system is used by the customer for storing various sheets in a maximum format of 3x1.5 m as a tray before further processing in production. The transfer point is equipped with a so-called elevator for stacking whole bundles of sheet metal by forklift truck. Prior to entry, the sheet metal bundle is depalletized using a "depalletizer", then the sheet metal bundle (without pallet) is handled by forklift into the MS Mono Tower storage system. A column crane of the hall with suction cups is used to remove the individual pieces.


Efficient use of the height of the equipment is guaranteed by a careful specification of the customer's requirements, on the basis of which 2 different usable container heights (90 and 120 mm) with a capacity of 3000 kg per container were designed.


The single tower, single transfer point system is controlled by a PLC with its own intuitive control interface, the operator can see the specific location of the material in the warehouse, the quantity stored and the total weight. After ordering the material of interest and pressing the consent command, the container with the material is automatically brought to the transfer point. The device allows remote management and therefore it is possible to access from the supplier and perform remote support to the customer.


With this modern technology, we have created 74 m² of efficiently usable space for the automated storage of items with a total storage capacity of 45 tonnes on a floor area of approximately 20 m².

Marek Dula

Key Account Manager, K-Towers

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