Racking and shelving of tyres

Our mobile cantilever racks for tyre storage allow you to maximise the space in your warehouse and store tyres like a pro. You'll never hesitate about where to store your tires again!


Our tire storage solutions are not only practical, but also impressive to your customers. With our racks, you can make efficient use of space in your warehouse or workshop while keeping your tyres in optimum condition. Forget the clutter and chaos associated with tyre storage - with our racks you will have everything clearly and easily accessible.


  • The racks are assembled from standard components
  • Double-row version for operation from both sides or single-row along the walls
  • Highly resistant surface protection - galvanized version
  • Floor-standing version or higher for stacking with handling equipment


  • Achieving a high stacking density while maintaining the necessary storage and operating comfort.
  • The actual method of storing tyres in mobile racks is the same as stationary shelving or truss racks, offering you up to 50% more capacity in the space you are considering for future storage.
  • It's the cheapest way to acquire a single storage position through efficient use of space.
  • This technology is also suitable for smaller rack assemblies from 2 m high upwards, as well as for large warehouses serviced by handling equipment.
  • The mobile racks meet your operational needs and investment requirements - you can choose manually driven or electrically or automatically driven racks.The concept of the racks allows you direct access to each stored unit.

Mobile cantilever racking for tyres storage

We offer you an efficient solution for storing tyres according to the needs of your operating conditions. The mobile cantilever tyre rack ensures maximum storage capacity and optimises the technical and economic investment.


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