Mobile cantilever racking with extendable consoles

Mobile cantilever racking with extendable consoles MOBITELEKANT is warehouse technology created by combining the Mobikant and Telekant warehouse technology. The new value for the operator is telescopic storage consoles. The individual extensions are manipulated by a mechanical crank or an electric drive.


MOBITELEKANT is designed for the storage of long units, bars, bundles of metallurgical material, long boxes, profiles, as well as plate material. With a Mobitelekant type rack, up to 80% of the current handling area can be converted into efficient storage capacity. The equipment can also be installed in poorly accessible locations or in close proximity to the technology that processes the stored material. MOBITELEKANT also brings new operational possibilities. The storage space of the rack can be divided by dividing spikes. This creates two or more narrow sections on the storage plane into which multiple types of material can be stored clearly and separately, with 100% availability of each material. The same applies to the management of offcuts and residual material.


MOBITELEKANT is usually constructed as a double-sided unit, exceptionally single-sided.


  • Openings in the outlet to prepare the stopgap for material splitting - by default, holes of 100mm
  • Breakpoints for material splitting
  • Arm extrusion protection - e.g. rubber (when storing stainless steel)
  • Platform steps (when setting up upper floors)
  • Platform steps (when setting up upper floors)


  • Design: single or double-sided
  • Assembly size: For material lengths of max. 12 000 mm or more
  • Standard for long bar material lengths of 6 000 mm (rack not suitable for sheet metal)
  • Slide drive - Manual crank, via gear mechanism or push button via electric drive.
  • Rack height: Usually up to 5,000 mm
  • Draw arm length: 600 - 1200 mm
  • Pull arm capacity: 600kg/ 1 500 kg
  • Bar material loading over at least two arms. The load capacity of one extension level is up to 3 000 kg. If you set up multiple arms, you get a higher load capacity of the pull-out storage level. E.g. with four extension arms the load capacity of the level is up to 6 000 kg.
  • Storage location: indoor
  • Height adjustability of the brackets: not possible/ the arms are included in the columns
  • Colour: columns blue RAL5010, arms red RAL 3000, other shades by agreement (powder coating - komaxit)
  • With the installation of MOBITELEKANT-E, warehouse capacity can be increased by more than 100% with easy and quick access to all items without reloading.
  • Saving handling area.
  • Horizontal handling allows you to divide storage space. The extended plane can be separated by dividing thorns into a larger number of sections, thereby neatly storing a larger assortment, scraps or cuttings.
  • The MOBITELEKANT-E system will allow the material to be secured from tampering (possible theft) by locking the controls and allowing only the authorised person to remove them, which is not possible for warehouses with stationary normal console racks.
  • The operator's handling safety is ensured by safety features, optical bolts and controls preventing prohibited operations.
  • The equipment can be designed and manufactured exactly to the customer's requirements.By managing optimized inventory processes, it can be ensured to place fast-turning goods in the lower floors and deposit items in the upper floors. This will reduce manipulation times. The device allows for a clear description of individual locations and easy orientation. In addition to metallurgical material and long profiles, plate material can be stored and manipulated with a vacuum adaptor - suction cups on a crane, magnets or electromagnets.
  • The whole device can be controlled by remote control, both crane and shelving and ejections. This increases the comfort and safety of the operator.
  • The rack can be retrofitted with storage tubs, baskets and supporting frames for storing shorter goods or pieces of material that can be manipulated with a crane.
  • In the case of storing long profiles, which bend with their own weight and risk falling out of the storage plane, rack arms can be supplemented with fall-out barriers with storage bins.
  • The smaller pieces can be removed manually from the bottom floors of the shelves, speeding up handling.
  • The equipment can also be installed in existing areas, where the tracks are integrated into grooves in the original floor. The tracks are then submerged by a flooring high-strength non-shrinking mass and the floor is aligned from the height of the tracks.
  • The device can be controlled by a computer-equipped warehouse management program.

Mobile cantilever rack with electric arms MOBITELEKANT-E

Electric pull-out storage consoles are a new value for plant operators. The individual drawers are operated by remote control. The MOBITELEKANT-E is designed for material stacking using an overhead crane. Material stacking is only possible with a crane for the storage of long units, bars, bundles of metallurgical material, long boxes, profiles, as well as plate material. The equipment moves on installed tracks in the floor of the hall. The chassis carry special electrified telescopic cantilever racks. The chassis move as required to create an aisle at the desired handling location. The number, sizing and dimensions of the individual extension arms are configured to the specific dimensions and customer specifications. The width of the aisle depends on the extension length of the movable telescopic arms and also to allow the material to be safely untied or tied and secured to the overhead crane hook. Both the chassis and the extensions are driven by electric gearboxes. The drives can be controlled from control panels or by remote radio control. Safety is ensured by a set of technical measures with electronic safety features.


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