Cantilever racking with extendable consoles

The TELEKANT / TELEKANT-E telescopic cantilever rack is designed for storage of long storage units, bars, bundles of metallurgical material, long boxes, profiles, as well as sheet material. It is designed to be handled from above, usually by an overhead crane or crane stacker. TELEKANT is assembled from a structure similar to a cantilever rack. It retains all the advantages in storage and offers greater possibilities in stacking material.


A new value for the TELEKANT-E operator is telescopic cantilever - electric extendable storage levels. Using a drive mechanism, the arms of the stacking level are extended into position for material stacking. The storage area can be safely stacked when accessed in this way. Once the material has been founded, the entire storage level is slid back inside the rack.


  • Holes in the extension for preparation of the material distribution stop - 100 mm
  • Stops for material separation
  • Protection of arm extensions - e.g. rubber (when storing stainless steel)
  • Platform steps (when setting up upper floors)


  • Design: single or double-sided
  • Assembly size: For material lengths of max. 12,000 mm or more
  • Standard for long bar material lengths of 6m (rack not suitable for sheet metal)
  • Slide drive - Manual crank, via gear mechanism or push button via electric drive.
  • Rack height: Usually up to 5,000 mm
  • Draw arm length: 600 - 1200 mm
  • Pull arm capacity: 600kg/ 1 500 kg
  • Bar material loading over at least two arms.
  • The load capacity of one extension level is up to 3 000kg. If you have more than one arm, you get a higher load capacity of the pull-out storage level. E.g. with four extension arms the load capacity of the level is up to 6 000kg.
  • Storage location: indoor
  • Height adjustability of the brackets: not possible/ the arms are included in the columns
  • Colour: columns blue RAL5010, arms red RAL 3000, other shades by agreement (powder coating - comaxit)


Description of the operator

When manually operating the drawworks, the operator manually turns the crank and thus drives the transmission shaft via a chain gear and moves the drawworks arms. At the extreme limits, the subsequent movement is stopped by the mechanical stops.

In the electric version, the movement of the drawbars is provided by electric drives. The control of the slides is controlled by buttons located on the edge of the rack. Stopping in the extreme positions is automatic by limit switches and mechanical stops.

When the arms are fully extended, the rack is ready for crane handling. In the electric version, the slide is returned by a command on the controller after the handling is completed. In the manual version, the arms are returned to the reverse position inside the rack by means of the drive handle.

Cantilever racking with extendable consoles TELEKANT

TELEKANT for storage of bar material or profiles offers several advantages such as easy accessibility, clarity and protection from external influences. Take a look at how this application looks in practice.


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