Cantilever racking UNIKANT

UNIKANT cantilever racks are designed primarily for storing bar or plate material by means of handling equipment (VZV) or manually. The cantilever racks consist of columns, arms fixed on them and horizontal diagonal braces. The columns and cantilever arms are assembled from IPE profiles.


The material is loaded individually, as a bundle or other handling unit on the cantilever rack. It is always stacked on at least two or more arms of the same stacking level of the rack. When using special accessories approved by the rack manufacturer, other storage methods are possible. Different types of handling devices may be used for stacking in the rack - depending on the type of material to be stacked. The racks are designed for stacking using forklifts or special stackers. Racks at low height can be operated manually if the nature of the material safely allows it.


  • Design: single-sided, double-sided
  • Height of cantilever rack standard from 2 000mm to 6 000 mm
  • Length of arms from 500 to 2 500 mm
  • On the basis of the column and arm load capacity, the appropriate IPE profile is selected
  • Site of storage: indoor and outdoor
  • Height adjustability of cantilevers: +-100mm, in 100mm increments
  • Colour: blue RAL5010, other shades by agreement (powder coating - komaxit), or galvanizing


  • Space layout: Console shelves are ideal for optimizing space, especially in limited-space warehouses. They can be placed along a wall or in an open space and offer storage space.
  • Availability: The material on the console shelves is available. Depending on the configuration, access is possible from one or both sides, making it easier to arrange and achieve the necessary efficiency.
  • Assembly and disassembly: Console shelves usually offer easy assembly and dismantling. They are suitable for those who move frequently or need flexibility.

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