An investment in the future! The Gonvarri Leadership Program

"This is a great opportunity to gain overall awareness of the #GonvarriMaterialHandling, strategic plans, production processes, data work, etc. Thanks to this programme I have better mastered the collaborative tools that I am able to use to enrich my work. Among other things, I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries across Gonvarri Material Handling. It doesn't end with this program, but it begins with it." - adds Pavel Goroš.

Employees are one of the cornerstones of a company. For this reason, Gonvarri has created the Leadership Program.

Over the course of a year, participants go through a training program that is divided into various modules. The topics include classic business management units, production and logistics, as well as leadership and personnel development topics. The lecturers include experts from the Group and speakers from the renowned ESCP Business School.

In addition to technical knowledge, the program places great emphasis on further developing personal connections beyond the boundaries of business units. This is now the third edition of the employee development program.

Last week, the participants were invited to Berlin. The participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their new and expanded knowledge in presentations to a jury consisting of lecturers, managing directors and representatives from Gonvarri's top management.